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Cardinal Group branding and websites

Cardinal Group Website


The Cardinal Group is a leading provider of products, services and business solutions that help combat ‘total loss’ in retail.

Brands that form part of the Cardinal Group of Companies support and enable organisations to increase business efficiency and improve bottom line profitability by helping them understand known and unknown losses and offer solutions that minimise those losses and improve service.

The Brief

Cardinal is formed of 6 lines of business that all needed updating to reflect the Group’s aspirations and growth in the retail services arena and to bring the other lines of business brands in to line with the Group’s. To complement the branding each business would need a new website and marketing collateral.

Our Approach

  • Creative services

    Livewire set about getting to know each line of business and their sectors. Each line of business had a diverse and varied customer base and our approach took this into account.

    Creative concepts and executions where sent to Cardinal and an example of how they could be used all together or as an individual entity. Two overarching strap lines were created, along with a graphic device that tied the lines of business together, these where added so that a theme could be applied across the marketing material. This meant that even if the brands were being used as a standalone, the coloured bars, in time would become recognisable and customers would know that it was part of the Cardinal Group.

    The brands where executed individually across business cards, presentations, letter heads and comp slips. Along with a generic Cardinal folder which would house the lines of business brochures.

    A wide range of both marketing brochures and product brochures were designed featuring the branding theme throughout.

  • Digital

    To support the new brand a new Group website was required. This was a complex brief as the website which was currently live showcased all of the lines of business as they were, was overcrowded and difficult to navigate.

    Livewire set about breaking down the site map and extracting the information which was necessary. A few months previous Livewire had completed builds of three other websites from individual brands within the Cardinal Group. It made sense to link these sites directly from the Group site rather than building additional pages which were needed.

    The site was built on a familiar platform for Cardinal which would enabled them access to the content management system and maintain the site without needing to invested too much time. 

The Results

Livewire successfully delivered a new, modern looking brand for the Cardinal Group and execute it across all the marketing materials necessary. Joined with the new Cardinal Group website it has created an easier user experience and enquiries have increased.