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ELECSA membership driver campaign

Elecsa membership campaign

ELECSA operates competent person schemes on behalf of the government to ensure that electrical contractors employed by property owners are technically competent to carry out the work.  ELECSA assess contractors across the building services sector including electrical (Part P), heating and hot water, and solid fuel and oil. They also assess contractors under the Green Deal and MCS schemes for homeowners who are looking to install energy efficient measures or renewable energy technologies.

The Brief

To drive membership numbers and build brand awareness, ELECSA wanted a topical and popular theme that would entice both existing and potential members to interact with the brand - and ultimately subscribe to, or extend, membership. All relevant channels would be studied, and research would be required to determine which would be adopted in order to reach this audience. 

Our Approach

  • Research

    Livewire conducted desk research to determine how the target audience consumed media. The data revealed that there was a need to exploit both on-and off-line channels to appeal to this diverse audience (which ranged from micro businesses through to large nationals)

  • Creative services

    A topical theme of the then World Cup was adopted as most of the demographic fitted this theme. Livewire developed a creative that was engaging, innovative and worked across a number of channels. Direct mail and a roadshow promoting the campaign helped drive traffic to a microsite that would collect data

  • Digital

    The microsite hosted an online game, built to allow participants to take virtual penalties against a goal keeper. Their score was then entered into a prize draw, and every player received a free gift

The Results

Livewire delivered a powerful marketing campaign that saw a significant increase in brand awareness, new member sign-ups and subscription extensions. All KPIs set out before the campaign were exceeded. And the combination of direct mail, roadshows and collateral giveaways, along with the microsite, returned an ROI in just three months rather than the planned eight month period.