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intu giant floor piano and mall graphics

intu retail piano and mall graphics

Shopping Centre owner and operator, intu, traditionally created buildings and filled them with shops. They kept them clean, comfortable and attractive. They marketed spaces, collected rents and encouraged people to visit. But things change. Today people expect far more from their shopping centres and the purchase journey they take is more complex than ever. So, building on what they have always done well, they committed themselves to making their centres even better and developed programmes that provided shoppers with something uniquely enjoyable.

The Brief

The Customer Experience team at intu wanted do something special at their Watford Centre for Christmas. Something that would set them apart, that would bring a smile to shoppers' faces and inspire them to talk about their experience with their friends and family. Following a full rebrand, intu also wanted to use this platform to help subtly promote this to their customers. In addition, intu wanted a range of ideas that were seasonal and potentially longer term which would not only provide customers with something to enjoy and talk about, but also deliver the brand message and drive social media and brand interaction. 

Our Approach


  • Creative services

    Livewire set about getting to know intu and their customers at the Watford Centre. This research helped us to develop a range of proposed activities to fully meet the brief. From that selection, intu Watford chose two executions; one being a ‘world’s first’ route while the other showed a lower profile - but fun - graphic installation.

    intu Watford has a Feature Bridge within the Centre, and this proved to be a perfect location for our giant floor piano. Floor pianos have been used before (usually on stairs) but never on a bridge. This six metre-long fullly working keyboard and bespoke software invited shoppers to interact with the 'keys' by providing them with a visual guide on how to play songs. The piano was linked to a camera that let players take a picture and publish them to the intu Watford Twitter account.

  • Print production

    Anamorphic graphics were designed and installed into two of the Centre's lifts to give the illusion of wintery 3D scenes when the lift doors opened. The aim was to create a ‘wow’ factor that would get people smiling and talking.

The Results

The piano was installed 6th December 2013 and was in situ for six weeks.

It was active for 42 days and on average 11.5 hours per day – 80.5 hours per week in total.


  • Average steps during week days: 45,000
  • Average steps during the weekend days: 65,000
  • Average footfall on the piano per weekday: 4,900 people
  • Average footfall per weekend days: 6,900 people

Total footfall is 38,300 per week which is 12% of the weekly footfall of intu Watford

Counter shows a dramatic increase between 2pm and 7pm 


  • 27 songs on average were played every day
  • Twinkle Twinkle was the mostly played song during that time period
  • There was an average score of 20% for right notes
  • Total of 934 songs during the time period
  • An average time for each song was 1min 42seconds

This gives an average time on the piano of 6 minutes and therefore increase the total dwell time of the shopping centre



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