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intu interactive wall


Shopping Centre owner and operator, intu, traditionally created buildings and filled them with shops. They kept them clean, comfortable and attractive. They marketed spaces, collected rents and encouraged customers to visit. But things change.

Today customers expect far more from their shopping centres and the purchase journey they take is more complex than ever. So, building on what they have always done well, they committed themselves to making their centres even better and developed programmes that provided shoppers with something uniquely enjoyable. 

The Brief

The Customer Experience team at intu wanted to do more with a vacant shop when there was a gap in-between one tenant moving out of a shop and another tenant moving in. Traditionally intu boarded the unit up with a hoarding until the new tenant was ready to open its doors to the public. They were also looking for engaging ways to promote the new intu website.

This made some parts of the shopping centre look empty and unwelcoming. intu approached Livewire and asked how we would go about bringing these hoardings to life and enhancing the customer experience around the shopping Centre.

Our Approach

  • Digital services

    Livewire worked to a tight budget to deliver a pilot virtual shopping experience for intu customers. State-of-the-art technology was utilised to create large digital touch screens. Shoppers are given the chance to browse the new intu website, add products to their shopping bag on screen and on checkout, rather than completing the transaction publically on the large screen, a custom made application interrupts the transaction, serving up a QR code and NFC tag which is located next to the screen.

    Users can then take away their shopping bag on their mobile phone and complete the transaction in privacy. 

  • Creative services

    With the digital screen acting as a shop front the creative treatment around the screen had to reflect this to entice shoppers to ‘enter’ the intu shop. Livewire transformed the wooden hoarding into “Shop” using images featuring life size fellow shoppers. The imagery used caught the attention of customers walking past and they felt drawn in to find out what the screen did.

The Results

The digital shopping wall was installed to both Lakeside and Watford. During the Christmas trading period traffic to the intu website, even in Beta mode, increased considerably and with nearly 20% of transactions coming directly from the Shop digital wall this project was considered a success. This type of technology isn’t unusual in a traditional bricks and mortar retail these days, however inviting customers actually shop on a website with the shopping centre is very different approach and one that fits very well with intu’s click and collect model.