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Regus Direct

Regus Direct retail website

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces with over 1800 locations in 600 cities and 100 countries. As part of their brand building and lead generation activity, Regus have looked to exploit retail channels as a tactical method of reaching new audiences. To support this programme, a pilot online presence was created to allow Regus to test new products and propositions. The project developed, over a two year period, with the initial site being a simple ecommerce platform that would fulfil physical packs being delivered to customers by post.

The Brief

Regus wanted to build on the initial website by improving the range of products as well as the customer journey. Google analytics showed there was a need for a more mobile-friendly option that could deliver the products faster. So the brief required a complex evoucher system that would enable immediate delivery of a virtual access card that would be both product and duration specific. The database of access card numbers also had to be served up in a non-sequential order to ensure no-one abused the system.

In addition, to support the site, Livewire proposed a PPC campaign to drive awareness that would not cannibalise Regus’ mainstream activity, yet would target the intended audience for the retail proposition. This PPC campaign would need to be extremely cost-effective to keep the R&D costs to a minimum during the trial.

Our Approach

  • Digital

Livewire worked to a tight budget to create a robust ecommerce platform with a bespoke database. One that securely delivered unique access codes for six product ranges which could be purchased in a multitude of time durations (bringing the total product portfolio to 48 products). Delivery of a virtual access card via a responsive design ensured mobile users could make the most of the website, and allowed customers to present the virtual access card to the receptionist at Regus locations via their mobile phone, thus negating the need to print it.

The Results

Livewire successfully launched the new version of the website that allowed Regus to test their new retail product range with a fresh audience.

To drive traffic to the site, we approached the PPC in a unique way that made the programme self-funding. By diverting a percentage of the funds generated from sales into the PPC campaign, we were able to keep tight control of the online marketing that helped the site generate significant sales - and new customers. The site generated significant ROI for Regus during the period.