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Regus boxes and POS in the UK and USA

Regus product boxes and POS in UK and USA

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces, with over 1800 locations in 600 cities and 100 countries. As part of their brand building and lead generation activity, Regus looked to exploit retail channels as a tactical method of reaching new audiences. This activity had to be as global as the Regus business itself, and to reflect their largest markets. So virtual products and services were turned into physical, boxed products in order to maximize these retail channels.

The Brief

The brief was to develop bespoke, cost-effective and hard-working packaging that would bring their virtual business services and products to life. To complement this, a range of eye-catching POS would be required. And all this had to work harder than most retail propositions in store as the Regus retail offer is somewhat unusual and not normally associated with retail outlets. The solution would also need to be scalable and be easily replicated anywhere in the world where Regus have a presence.

Our Approach

  • Print management and in-region production and logistics

    Livewire works with some of the world’s largest and most successful packaging printers to develop hard-working solutions that really do work. In this instance, we developed a bespoke retail packaging solution for Regus that worked globally, supported by a range of modular POS options which created a family of solutions. Livewire set up a global supply chain to ensure consistency in production and logistics. Items were produced locally, in region for most major countries, in order to support Regus and their retailer’s requirements.

The Results

Livewire successfully produced packaging and POS for a simultaneous launch in 108 UK Staples stores and 847 USA OfficeMax stores, managing print production, fulfilment and distribution to regional distribution centres. Livewire also set up regional production hubs in all major countries where Regus have retail plans.