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Regus Retail Strategy

Regus Product Packs

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces, with over 1800 locations in 600 cities and 100 countries. As part of their brand building and lead generation activity, Regus looked to exploit retail channels as a tactical method of reaching new audiences. Today, flexible working is a huge benefit to millions of people. Working from home, meeting clients, suppliers and colleagues at mutually convenient locations, shifting office hours, and so on.

Also, business people tend to meet in hotel lobbies, coffee shops and motorway services in order to catch up on important emails and even hold meetings. But Regus believed there was a better way to do this. But how to reach this new SME audience? How could they connect with those who need the services Regus offer but were either unaware of them or assumed that their services were designed for corporate business needs and not those of small businesses.

A new way to exploit retail channels with a compelling proposition was clearly required to reach this new audience.

The Brief

The Head of Global Retail at Regus enlisted Livewire to help review the existing proposition, and assess its suitability and commercial viability with a view to creating a new range of products designed to suit the business needs of the SME and micro SME market. In addition, these products would need physical packaging with a compelling price point that would engage the target audience and at the same time provide retailers with attractive margins.

Customer research was required to gain valuable insight and understanding of what Regus meant to a sample group of small business owners. This data would be used to formulate a range of products design specifically to meet customers’ business needs. We felt the products would need to be brought to life through a creative execution that was disruptive and off-brand with the aim of breaking existing perception of the Regus brand. In addition to the creative, a cost-effective, hardworking but practical packaging solution would deliver the proposition in retail effectively.

Our Approach

  • Review

    Livewire took the findings from customer feedback and data from previous retail activity to establish a base line. This provided valuable insight in order to design new products. These products included combining existing Regus products to create genuinely valuable offers to SME customers at a compelling price point.

  • Creative services

    The new products were given a strong visual identity through a creative execution that delivered a simple message supported by an illustrative style. This was complemented by bespoke modular retail display point of sale.

  • Research

    As part of the initial review process, research sessions where carried out and customer insight gathered to better understand the target audience’s needs and understanding of Regus, their products and services and the existing retail proposition. This data was leveraged in the new proposition development process and influenced the product design that focused on needs-based solutions. This insight was also vital for the creative, messaging, packaging, marketing collateral and point of sale that was all tested with the target audience to ensure they resonated.

The Results

A new range of needs-based products which targeted specific customer types spanning the majority of the SME market was successfully developed and tested. This included naming convention, product design, messaging, packaging and point of sale. The retail strategy delivered Regus a new and exciting retail range, priced attractively for the retailer and that offered the customer incredible value for money. The whole strategy was designed to be a cost neutral lead generation and brand building exercise that has seen the products launched simultaneously in the UK and USA, with more territories planed in 2014 and beyond to reflect Regus’s growing global footprint.

What the client says

"Livewire are, in my experience, quite simply, the best of their kind. The services and support they bring to the table cannot be summarised in one simple paragraph. When I call, they respond. When I brief them, they react extremely quickly. When I need them to deliver; they deliver. Every time. I cannot recommend Livewire highly enough."

Scott Ballantine - Head of Retail Development