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Jellyfish Livewire wins new Cracked Eye Website

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Publisher, Cracked Eye sell quality short stories that are quick escapes for busy people. These affordable quick reads engage and entertain readers.

At the moment, Cracked Eye have a subscription website that offers short, fictional stories by artists, writers and content providers.

Cracked Eye’s strategy is to expand that offering to include more content, video, audio and written. Jellyfish Livewire have been engaged to design and build a new website for Cracked Eye that incorporates a store that allows visitors to subscribe to the magazine and also purchase other short stories and content in various formats. This content will be consumable using a web reader, on IOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. The back end features a bespoke CRM, automated billing platform and digitisation of the supplied content. 

Look out for the new website launched in Summer 2015.

Tags: New Business