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Monthly infographic illustrating website traffic

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Jellyfish Livewire are now offering their clients a monthly infographic illustrating their website’s performance using data pulled directly from Google Analytics.


Google Analytics launched in November 2005 and has managed to gain a sizable share of the web analytics market which is now reported to be over 80%, by successfully creating a free analytics solution aimed at the smaller website market.

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

Google Analytics is a great tool but can sometimes be confusing and hard to work your way around if you’re not an expert.

We have resolved this problem by listening to our clients and providing a top line monthly report presented visually so the data is easier to understand.

The report infographic provides great insight into your website traffic and how your site is performing. 

The report provides the following information:

  • Total number of visitors
  • New versus returning visitors
  • Average session time
  • Bounce rate
  • Total page views
  • Views per session (an average amount of page views users interact with during a session)
  • Sessions by browser
  • Mobile versus desktop sessions
  • Tablet versus mobile sessions
  • Sources of traffic

All of the above metrics are compared against the previous month.

The report will help you understand what happens to traffic on your website and what device/browser people are using to access your site.  

Please contact us today if you would like to receive a sample report featuring your own website data.


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