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Recycling PVC Gift Cards

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As part of our Green Gift Card initiative we have been asked a number of times if we offer a service to recycle PVC cards, either redundant out of date stock sat in warehouses, or ‘spent’ cards collected in store.

Research suggests that at the moment there doesn’t appear to be a service specifically set up to recycle the ever growing number of plastic cards in the market…Until now.

We are in the process of setting up specialist a recycling system, so no need to pay to keep hold of out of date stock in storage, AND a take back scheme for redeemed cards left at your stores. Obviously we can’t intercept the cards disposed of at consumers' homes but this scheme could make a positive impact on your environmental policy and waste management commitments.

The cards will be recycled or rather upcycled into products such as rain pipes and packaging materials. The scheme will provide full audit trails and documentation from our authorised recycling partners that you can use as part of your CSR.

We are working with Recoup and the British Plastics Federation on this exciting initiative that complements our Green Gift Cards proposition so whether you’re planning on sticking with PVC or switching to our FSC board based products, you can be green.

Contact us for more information about recycling your PVC Gift Cards.


Green Gift Card Recycling