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Digital Retail Marketing

The world is evolving faster than ever and the way brands communicate is changing with it. We are all connected all the time. And with the ever-growing trend of online retail, showrooming, researching and buying products in our online life, it is imperative for any retail brand to have a strong, reactive and engaging digital presence. 

Our established creative and development team understand the digital landscape. 

In fact, Livewire is always looking to innovate and engage through the latest technology. Using the most up-to-date touch screen systems, combined with NFC and mobile-centric content, we constantly discover new ways to reach out to consumers in the digital and real world environments. We've discovered ways to bring bricks and clicks together to offer shoppers something totally unique.

We know that whether in-store or via mobile, content must be compelling, add value and be relevant or it just won't work. So we use augmented reality, apps, responsive design websites, NFC and QR codes to help you to reach your customers - and engage with them - on their terms.