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Award-winning Gift Card Packaging concept that has increased sales by 2373% (1) now available from Livewire.

The award-winning ”Ejector” pop up packaging concept for gift cards, developed and patented by Swedish design company JakeBox, is now available from Livewire, sole licensee for the UK.

The most significant and eye-catching feature of the Ejector is the patented folded mechanism that  – as the pack is opened – swings the card out from a hidden position inside the package.

Change your plain old carriers for something that will transform your gift cards, drive volume and incremental sales.

”Innovative packaging gives retailers an extra edge, and is another potential revenue steam while making customers happy”, says JakeBox CEO Jakob Skarin. ”People are happy to pay to make their gift cards more gifty, and our packs can either be sold as an extra option or used as premium to encourage the customer to spend more on the gift card.”

The concept has an extraordinary track record for boosting gift card sales and revenue. The month after Swedish telecom provider Telia introduced the package, their gift card sales increased by a massive 2373% and at IKEA’s German webshop, one Ejector is sold with every third gift card. (2)

(1)Telia, Sweden. (2)JakeBox