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Point of Sale and Product Display

Good POS influences buying decisions. With an estimated impact window of only 2 seconds, innovative design and strong messaging will catch the eye.

  • The newest research suggests that 50% – 80% of all fast moving consumer goods sales are either unplanned or made on impulse. (1)
  • A massive 24% of shoppers are influenced by point-of-sale displays while only 17% are influenced by price. (1)
  • According to the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute, 76% of purchase decisions are made in store. (2)
  • FSDUs are vibrant communicators of a brand's story and values to consumers.

Go a step further and integrate technology such as QR codes, augmented reality or NFC to help manage and deliver increasing volumes of information in store in a way that presents shoppers with an experience that is engaging and superior to simply buying online. 

Sources: (1) Oxygen (2) POPAI