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Responsive Design Websites 

Responsive design is often described as web design based on little more than a vague sense that it makes websites more user-friendly and looks very cool. In part this is true but the technology can also increase traffic, sales and conversions.

Responsive Website Infographic


Examples of the benefits of a responsive website.

A global clothing retailer achieved impressive growth after going responsive. They tracked conversions, transactions and revenue for three weeks prior to launching its new site, then monitored the same metrics for three weeks after deploying the responsive version.

The redesign achieved some fairly spectacular results on iPhone/iPod:

  • Conversions increased by 65.71%
  • Transactions went up 112.5%
  • Revenue increased by 101.25%

Similarly, on Android devices:

  • Conversions shot up by 407.32%
  • Transactions increased by 333.33%
  • Revenue increased by a whopping 591.42%

The site was redesigned with touch and click usage in mind, which keeps the interface consistent and compact2.

A niche retailer quietly launched their responsive site in 2012, and within a matter of weeks noticed a massive improvement on sales metrics compared to the previous three months:

  • Revenue from all devices increased by 42.4%
  • The conversion rate improved by 13.6%
  • Revenue from iPhone grew by 377.6%
  • The conversion rate for iPhone increased by 71.9%
  • The site’s bounce rate fell by 23.2%
  • Visit duration increased by 44.6%2

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