As the UK went into lockdown, business owners became increasingly reliant on their digital marketing efforts to increase sales and build brand awareness. However, the reality of this task became increasingly difficult due to individuals not being able to develop their marketing strategy.

As a result, many businesses acquired external support to adapt their marketing strategies. From business logo design agencies to hiring a digital marketing company, there has been a variety of help available for businesses during the pandemic.

Choosing which form of marketing to focus on was a challenge for business owners and employees alike. Below are several stand-out forms of marketing that helped brands stay connected with their audience during the pandemic and may still be effective methods as we emerge from an extraordinary time. 

Effective Email marketing

During the first lockdown, Companies sent 44% more emails. This increase led to businesses hiring online marketing companies to help them run their email marketing campaigns.

Having experts on hand allowed organisations to build multiple targeted email funnels. As a result, brands maintained their audiences’ attention in an increasingly loud and saturated advertising space.

Although not all brands were using their email marketing to promote products, English clothing brand, Fred Perry, used their email marketing to reassure customers and highlight the importance of staying connected with their community. 

Using this strategy, Fred Perry strengthened their relationship with their audience. At a time when many were feeling isolated during the lockdowns.

Utilising Social media

 Whilst stores remained closed around the UK and customers stayed at home, we all spent more of our time on their social networks, offering brands a valuable way to keep in contact with their community.

With the increased level of people using social media to contact brands, many businesses turned to a digital marketing strategy consultant to help them manage their online presence and cope with the increase in inquiries.

Brands that had an established optimised digital marketing strategy expanded their online presence and increased engagement with their audience. Without a strategy in place, many businesses would have weakened their customer relationships. Ultimately leading consumers to purchase elsewhere.

An example of a business that effectively utilised its social media strategy during lockdown is UK energy company British Gas. 

During the first UK lockdown, British Gas created a series of instructional videos showcasing how to perform minor repairs at home for their customers. By implementing this strategy, customers’ requirements were dealt with quickly. With the additional benefit of giving valuable instructions, British Gas connected with customers who felt isolated with their problems.


Adjusting the company website

As thousands of users took to their phones and laptops, many businesses saw a significant increase in website traffic. As a result, many companies were able to claim the rewards of the increase in website traffic. However, several brands had technical issues due to the high volume of visitors.

An increase in demand led to many brands being unable to cope, resulting in many companies re-visiting the structure of their website. The limited-time window to implement the required modifications meant organisations needed to hire a web development agency or web design company to help them. By hiring experts, it allowed brands to fix their website issues and retain their consumers.

Creating an optimised SEO strategy

A report published by Conductor outlined that the most common marketing response to the crisis that businesses were facing was to invest in ‘lower-cost channels’, such as search engine optimisation.

SEO is a low-cost strategy; it offers a valuable resource for brands wanting to advance their online presence whilst reducing their marketing budget. In contrast to other forms of marketing, SEO continues to build momentum, even when you’re spending your marketing efforts elsewhere. As a result, businesses continued to attract new customers and raise awareness of their brand during the pandemic.

In addition to being a cost-effective resource, SEO is relatively easy to implement no matter what size of the business. During the lockdowns, SEO provided a crucial online platform for brands that were forced to close their doors; and helped continue attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Lastly, as businesses were refining their marketing budgets, they were able to invest their finances in more relevant resources. Such as hiring a digital marketing company to help them with their SEO, resulting in companies freeing themselves of the strain of keeping up with their SEO efforts. Allowing them more free time to concentrate on their other business requirements.

Adapting the current marketing strategy

Before lockdown, many industries depended on consumers purchasing directly from their stores or booking face-to-face appointments.

The change of circumstances meant that many industries had to adapt their marketing strategies. Communication and engagement with audiences could no longer be in person. As a result, numerous businesses had to stop their current marketing plans and re-invest their marketing budget into a brand strategy agency. Changing techniques allowed companies to keep connected with their customers as competition grew to keep their attention.

One industry that had to adapt its marketing strategies was the thousands of health & fitness clubs around the UK. As gyms, fitness clubs, and personal trainers all relied on people physically attending their premises. These companies had to adapt and interact with their customers in a range of new ways.

A gym company that successfully adapted its marketing strategy was Snap Fitness 24/7. Although they couldn’t interact with their members, as usual, Snap fitness introduced zoom calls and personal training appointments. The video calls enabled members to join beginner’s taster sessions, group works outs and 1-on-1 training sessions. By offering this service, they retained their original customer base and developed new relationships. Thus, establishing a new healthy cash flow where other brands were struggling.

How to optimise your marketing strategy?

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