Business to Business (B2B) marketing presents unique challenges which are very different for every business. Effective marketing can be demanding and feel difficult to get right. Some massive technical changes are coming for SEO and PPC with the end of cookies. As key elements in your digital marketing arsenal, it can feel like everything is up in the air.

However, don't feel overwhelmed. We are here to break down the different elements of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) in B2B marketing.

The key to B2B marketing is consistency and time. Different factors drive the motivation behind a B2C and B2B customer's purchase. However, they do share an emotional element. You can connect with your client's emotions if you follow some easy steps.  

Understanding B2B buying journey

Before you can talk to your audience, you need to understand how your audience operates and their purchase journey.

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GOAL – Customers are focused on ROI, efficiency and expertise.

DRIVERS – Customers want to be educated

PURCHASE PROCESS – Customers like to work with account managers and salespeople

PEOPLE INVOLVED – Customers often must confer with decision makers and their chain of command before deciding to purchase.

PURCHASE PURPOSE – Customers make purchases for long-term solutions, resulting in a longer sales cycle, more extended contacts and longer relationships with companies.

The set-up for B2B success

With so much market competition, just being in the digital space is not always enough. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the perfect solution to get your business and company message in front of prospective clients.

1)    Determine your brand positioning

This is your brand's identity, who, when, why and how. Take this as an opportunity to explore how your brand is perceived through the eyes of the consumer.

2)    Redefine your targets

Find your target audience. Using this information will help you create buyer personas. Buyer personas are a great way to understand better your customers and how they might think. Combining targeting with result-based analytics will help fine-tune your results for a more cost-effective campaign.

3)    Run a competitive analysis

Scope out your competition in the digital marketing space and how they are interacting with their customers. What channels are they using? How do they approach talking to customers? What is working for them? And what is not… Are there any gaps that you can move into?

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PPC Powered by you

The best thing about PPC is the ability to target demographics with pinpoint precision. Couple that with control over when and where adverts run and control over your budget, and the power is in your hands. Finding the right audience is the trickiest part of setting up a B2B campaign. There are many types of PPC advertising on most social platforms.


Has sophisticated targeting that allows you to choose the prospects based on job title, education, location, interests and more.


Popular for its specific targeting options. Facebook allows you to target users based on interests, demographics, location and behaviours. Not to mention, you can advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. You can also drop a pin in a specific place and reach people within a radius of it, perfect if you have premises or are running an event.

Google Ads

Offers campaigns that are available to retarget customers at every stage of the buyer journey. The best thing about Google Ads is the ability to target multiple demographics. Google recommends their Google ads funnel. Their funnel allows you to build and monitor an entire campaign specialised to each demographic and retargeting at every stage.

Of course, you can also measure conversions with your Google Ads; whether that's sales or enquiries is for you to determine. Link your Google Analytics account, and you have a powerful tool to inform your PPC marketing strategy.

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