Why we use Concrete5 as CMS

concrete5 is the Content Management System (CMS) that we use for a lot of the websites we design and build for our clients.

Our developers have a lot of experience with different CMS platforms. Based on their expert opinion we elected to use concrete5 as our default CMS. When it comes to ease of use not all CMSs are created equal and in our opinion the one CMS that stands out in terms of simplicity for the user is concrete5.

David our Lead Developer says “concrete5 is by far the most flexible and easy to use CMS I have worked with. Containing an industry standard back-end and unique visual editor, it can be easily manipulated to build whatever features are required in a website.”

Concrete5 was founded by Franz Maruna and Andrew Embler. They originally developed Concrete5 in 2003 as an internal system to serve the needs of their own company, making it available to the public in 2009. Their CMS grew in popularity and currently has a strong core team, including voting members on the PHP Framework Interop Group who are helping to determine the direction most other CMSs and frameworks take. Today no less than 600,000 sites run on concrete5.

Jellyfish Livewire have now built numerous websites on the concrete5 platform and the feedback we have received from our clients is that it is very simple to use and enables them to edit the page they are on incredibly easily.

Using concrete5 page editing is so easy. All you need to do is to click the Edit button and hover over the area you want to edit. The file manager is user-friendly. You can create File Sets which can then be associated to a slideshow or a list in order to find images quickly. Furthermore, you can click at any time on any file and replace it without its references being invalidated elsewhere. 


If you use Jellyfish Livewire to  design and build your new website, you are given  free training using the concrete5 CMS. This then allows our clients to have control over their own website content once it is live.

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