Why you need a coming soon page before website is live

A Coming Soon page is a temporary home page telling visitors that your website is under construction or coming soon. The coming soon page does not have a header or footer and therefore visitors are unable to navigate to the rest of your website. Every coming soon page should have a message for visitors to come back at a later date, as well as any other information that is relevant.

The purpose of a coming soon page is to get your visitors attention and convince them to visit your website again by keeping them hooked by email notifications and social media updates. A taster of your current work in progress will keep customers interested in your website and may be the first part of marketing to make visitors know more of it.

There are so many things you can do with your 'Coming Soon' page to make it successful. Just keep in mind the basics – great imagery and web design, strong content, prominent social links, and signup offers. If you have these basics right then your 'Coming Soon' page will go far.

Creating a strong, SEO optimised coming soon page should be one of the very first things you do in the planning stage of your website. There are lots of reasons why this is important:

Search engines give older websites more authority. For a new domain to get ranked by search engines it takes time so cut some wait time after your launch by having a coming soon page live as soon as possible. Robots do not mind if there is a coming soon message on the page. They just care about the content, keywords and user experience.

Think of your coming soon page as a source of leads. If you place a strong call to action on the page hopefully visitors will fill out the form and then you have their contact details to keep them informed of the progress of the website and then also inform them when the website goes live. It is also a good idea to give your visitors something for free. For example, a PDF download the visitors would be interested in or a giveaway in exchange for contact details. You will then be able to build up a list of leads.

You can begin to connect with users, even without a full website. Connect your 'Coming Soon' page to your social media presence. Use your growing social media circle to create a buzz about the new website and your content. Engage with people to entice them to visit the website as soon as it is launched.

For some more insight into why and how to use a page like this - 

Check out this video From Google Webmasters:


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