Brand implementation and consistency is critical to maintaining brand recognition and a consistent brand message.

A consistent, distinctive brand generates recognition, value and loyalty. This needs to be protected. Your brand conveys your company’s core values and it is therefore important to ensure implementation and management of your brand in the real world, where you may not have direct control is accurate. Ensuring partners, suppliers and clients don’t mis-use your brand and skew your brand image is paramount. We can help mitigate the mis-use of your brand with brand guidelines and having someone to manage the implementation of your brand across all mediums.

Brand Consistency

As a business you need to ensure your brand is consistently implemented. Having multiple variations of your logo with different styles, layouts and colours would be confusing for your users and would negatively impact your brand image. Brand guidelines will help you ensure brand consistency and implementation across your marketing activities. They can be used by anyone who uses your brand to ensure your brand image remains in tact.

Brand Control

Ensuring one person is responsible for your brand implementation (a brand manager) is one way to ensure control over your brand, you can even assign this role to a team, or a marketing manager within your business. However to ensure control of consistency over your brand your business will need to have brand guidelines to give to the customers, suppliers and associates that use your brand. 



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