Taking the guess work out of SEO to make educated, data driven decisions that drive meaningful business outcomes.

SEO and the art of SEO isn’t an immediate thing. There is science behind a proper data driven plan, that is why an audit is important to establish the existing barriers to your website‘s performance.  At Livewire we've spent years developing an understanding of the way search engines work in order to develop the best digital strategies for our clients.


We work with you to understand firstly what you need to do, and secondly how to do it. We have some robust methods of analysing the success of an implemented digital plan. The audit outputs define the immediate, medium and long term plan for your digital presence, starting with the technical fixes. They also define a reference data set we can compare performance against moving forward. At every step we measure the impact of any change to ensure the science and insight is actioned in the best possible way, refining as we go. Once we have the technical fixes implemented and have built strong foundations we can move on to the next phase, which leads us to content. 


We understand how the competition is performing, what content they publish and share, their SEO visibility compared with yours. We take in to consideration your target audience, what engages them, how they consume media and ultimately what makes them buy.
We work with you to generate a content strategy which details the type of content, whether written, visual or video, usually a combination of all 3 if budget allows. This content should be published on your website and complimented by your social channels. Content publication and broadcast then requires planning and we have some great tools to make this process simple


Ongoing, effective management of your SEO plan is essential if you are to make the most of the your digital presence and investment. Engaging with and continuing to engage with your audience is important, after all building loyalty and users sharing your content is one of the best ways to build reputation, trust and win business. We can assist you with the task of ongoing content creation including assets and video. We can manage the scheduling and automated broadcast of your content, monitor and measure its impact in the market. All the while monitoring you digital performance, highlighting what type of content works best with your audience, what messages drive to an interaction and ultimately lead to a conversion.  




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