Modern coding is about performance and developing intuitive code that enhances, not hinders the user experience.

Up-to-date knowledge, best practice and high quality code implementation standards are vital for programming a website that delivers the best possible experience for your users. Well-constructed, responsive, fast loading websites provide the user with what they want and expect. A website’s performance and speed is also an important ranking factor. For a website to leverage organic search effectively regular, relevant content is key, updating the content is simple with our choice of intuitive open source CMS which allows users to quickly and easily add content.

Content Management System (CMS)

We encourage and empower our clients to take ownership of their website content updates. Regular content updates have such a significant impact on SEO today, having an intuitive and user-friendly CMS system that allows you to quickly and easily update your own content is more convenient that having to use an agency or specialist internal resource. We develop customised versions of the open source Concrete5 CMS to suit your website design and functionality requirements. This allows your staff to edit your site without the need for any specialist coding skills which helps to keep costs down. We provide CMS training FOC for all new website builds.  


High-quality programming that has been thoroughly tested ensures optimal loading speed, minimal debugging and no search engine penalties for your website. From a design perspective, performance is seamlessly incorporated into every website project we build for the simple reason that every asset a browser downloads to display has a weight to it. So the lighter, cleaner and more agile we can make your website, the better it will perform.

Support & Training

With all of our websites we offer in-depth training on your new CMS system either in person or via a screen sharing platform. We also offer ongoing support for your website and specialised SLA’s for clients who require a higher level of support. This will ensure all of the relevant staff are able to update and utilise the CMS system to it’s full potential and ensure fresh content is always available to users.


With all of our websites we offer basic, high quality website hosting services with the opportunity to upgrade to a more advanced hosting platform should your business or website’s role and functionality require. With all of our hosting we guarantee 99.9%* uptime to ensure there is little to no interruption to service. All security and software updates are included in our standard hosting and maintenance service. We depend on the reliability of our hosting infrastructure which allows us to easily switch from a development environment to a live site.
*This excludes server upgrades which are necessary to keep your website functioning on the internet.



With every new website build we offer access to a sophisticated but intuitive online analytics tool. We have developed an application that visually presents data pulled from Google Analytics in a way that is simple to understand and measure. The data can be reviewed any time over various user defined time frames. Access to this application is provided FOC for the first year with a monthly subscription option available after the anniversary of the site going live. We do offer more advanced and involved reporting and strategical services for business’ who need it. Our reporting services can include:

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Suggestions For Improvement
  • Numerous Metrics Measured
  • Google Analytics advanced set up.






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