Ensuring your website design and structure is tailored to your audience will ensure engagement and drive conversions

Engaging your users and driving conversion through intuitive and targeted design with strong CTAs and that gives the user what they want is key. Our approach of using in-depth research methodologies allows us to make informed design decisions. Coupled with detailed testing throughout the design process we can ensure your website is as functionally engaging as it can be for your audience.

Planning & Design Research

In order to ensure that your website design meets all modern design conventions, heuristics and is in line with any contemporary design trends, it is important to carry out design research. This research will ensure aesthetically pleasing, modern and functional design that will resonate with your audience and convey your brand in the correct way. It is important to explore innovative design but at the same time strike a balance that takes into account any existing branding and guidelines constraints. 

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the planning and layout of a website’s content. It is the user informed, detailed structuring of navigation and page content. Well planned content layout and website structure will ensure an optimised user experience, customer journey and an effective sales funnel throughout the website to conversion. There are a number of techniques and methodologies we can use to gain insight:

  • Navigation and Hierarchy Design
  • Card Sorting Workshops
  • Site Map Review

Structure & Layout

Great website layout utilises basic design principles such as consistent headers, logos, and navigation.  We balance text and images on each web page using grids, blocks, and columns. We tailor these layouts and use customised responsive frameworks to create engaging and user friendly websites that work smoothly on multiple devices and screen sizes. Planning and testing the structure and layout of key actions, pages, content and calls to action (CTAs) is vital to exploring, planning, testing and understanding the journey a user will take through your website. Some of the techniques we use to facilitate this are:

  • User & Task Flows
  • Wireframing

Conception & Ideation

Conception and ideation is the exploration, testing and review of the proposed initial structure and layout of a website. This is often carried out with users and the client to test, confirm and explore user and objective focused structural decisions and ideas. We use one particular technique for helping facilitate ideas generation:

  • Ideation Workshops

User Interface (UI) Design

User interface design is the detailed process of designing, prototyping and testing the finalised version of the website design. This process is the implementation of your brand into the proposed website design in a way that will engage a user and encourage conversion. We use a number of techniques to design and test a UI:

  • Interactive prototyping
  • Usability Design
  • Valuation Testing






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