Your brand guidelines and the correct implementation is critical for consistency, so you maintain brand recognition, no matter where your business is seen.

A consistent, distinctive brand generates recognition, value and loyalty. Your brand guidelines, help to protect this. They will not only provide your marketing and sales teams with the right tools to reflect your brand in their activities but also can help you ensure any brand implementations are consistent when working with partners and third parties

Brand Consistency

As a business, you need to ensure your brand is consistently implemented, wherever it is shown. Having multiple variations of your logo with different styles, layouts and colours would be confusing for your users and would negatively impact your brand image. Your brand guidelines will help you ensure brand consistency and implementation across your marketing activities. They can be used by anyone who uses your brand to ensure your brand image remains intact.

Brand Control

In some instances, businesses hire a brand manager to oversee the implementation of your brand to ensure it is consistent. However, with brand guidelines, you can equip all your team with the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to identify any inconsistencies or misuse online or elsewhere.

This helps when working with third parties such as customers, suppliers, sponsors or partners and ensures you can easily communicate who your company is and what your brand is all about across different media types. 



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